SWFLN Mission Statement

SWFLN creates and manages cooperative library programs and services for the benefit of library users, which provide library members with cost-effective services and the mutual value of providing the widest possible access to all types of library materials, and other forms of information, access to electronic information and training while maintaining respect for each library’s autonomy.

SWFLN Purposes are

  • To enhance and promote library and information services in southwest Florida.
  • To encourage inter-library cooperation among all libraries in southwest Florida, including materials, facilities, and local experts.
  • To assist members with training and education needs to keep staff informed and current.
  • To cooperate with local, SWFLN-area and national organizations interested in the promotion of library affairs.
  • To promote professional relations and growth among library and information personnel.

SWFLN conditions of Membership-Institutional Members

To become an institutional member of SWFLN the applicant must meet certain “conditions of membership as outlined in the Bylaws,” and must agree to honor network “principles of participation” to remain a member in good standing.
Libraries and information centers from southwest Florida are eligible for membership in SWFLN when they satisfy these conditions:

  • The library of information center is an established institution with a collection, budget and full or part-time paid staff.
  • The library or information center builds and maintains a collection sufficient to serve its own community.
  • The library or information center agrees to participate in the Florida interlibrary loaloan process in order to provide access to its materials for other library users in Florida.

SWFLN “Principles of Participation”

To become and remain a member in good standing, members agree to abide to the following principles:

  • Members will freely share resources, services and expertise according to policies and guidelines mutually developed by SWFLN members.
  • Members will loan materials from their collection that they would loan locally, to other member libraries and to participants in the Florida Library Information Network (FLIN) free of charge.
  • Members will commit to participating in the governance, planning and programs of SWFLN.
  • Members agree to use, share and exchange bibliographic information, where appropriate, using the MARC format as the accepted standard.
  • Members agree to provide timely reference assistance to other member libraries upon

Signature of Agreement