SWFLN provides Continuing Education Scholarships to members, facilitating participation in workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities. The application period is year-round, with submissions encouraged at least one month before the event. Following training, recipients are expected to submit a statement of benefit, highlighting the educational advancements gained during the program. SWFLN members should seek approval from their employers, prior to applying for a scholarship.

Who can apply?

Full and Part Time employees of a SWFLN institutional member are eligible to apply for SWFLN Continuing Education Scholarships.

Application and Funding Process

Applicant Instructions:

  1. The applicant will obtain approval to attend the training event from their employer.
  2. The applicant will complete a Scholarship Application Form and provide a statement describing how this attendance will benefit the member.
  3. The applicant will write a statement of benefit after the completion of the training. This documentation will be shared on our website, social media and via the SWFLN newsletter.


SWFLN Procedures:

  1. Applications are reviewed, upon submission, by the Director and Assistant Director to ensure completeness and that qualifying criteria are met.
  2. The applicant will be notified once the Scholarship Application Form is approved or denied.
  3. Scholarship payments will be processed as soon as the scholarship is approved.
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