DigiRef Academy

Word Cloud for DigRefIt has been called by many names: chat reference, e-reference, and virtual reference, Ask A Librarian. Whatever the name, digital reference has formed a component of library service for over a decade and is a mode of service that is often not well understood and difficult to put into practice.

Providing digital reference well and skillfully demands a very specific and well developed skill set: reference interviewing, a rapid and broad grasp of online resources, the ability to type quickly and accurately, the ability to maintain contact with the patron while simultaneously remaining engaged in searches, and the ability to manage more than one, online transaction at a time. In addition, and very importantly, this form of reference demands enhanced communication skills; because the patron does not have the benefit of observing the librarian’s body language or tone of voice. The librarian must put forth particular effort to demonstrate that he or she is present and actively working with the patron. Digital reference, therefore, is not a form of reference that can be undertaken well without explicit training and practice.

SWFLN’s DigiRef Academy will offer training via both webinar and Face-to-Face workshops in essential Digital Reference skills: the mechanics of performing the service, specific practices for communicating effectively via chat, and in-depth examination of a variety of online sources. Participants will emerge from these sessions with significant levels of experience in providing Digital Reference, enhanced knowledge of online resources, and greater confidence about providing the service and sharing their skills with colleagues.

All the information covered in this series . . . . all in one place . . . . for you AND YOUR PATRONS to use 24/7/365!

SWFLN Webinars On-Demand

Is It True How to Verify Digital Sources Like a Rock StarMarch 06, 2020Dr. Stephanie Rollins
Readers' Advisory Meets Collection DevelopmentJanuary 30, 2020Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D
Getting to Know Google Products, Services, and Tools: Part 2 (Closed Captioning Available) January 17, 2020Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D
Getting to Know Google Products, Services, and Tools: Part 1 (Closed Captioning Available)November 15, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D
Social Media - Expanding Your Digital Presence (Closed Captioning Available)October 09, 2019Brian Pichman
Introduction to Digital Preservation
(Closed Captioning Available)
August 21, 2019Krystal Thomas
Introduction to Digital Project Management
(Closed Captioning Available)
July 19, 2019Krystal Thomas
Exploring Advanced Educational Technology Over 100 Dollars
(Closed Captioning Available)
July 10, 2019Brian Pichman
Using DPLA Educational Resources
(Closed Captioning Available)
July 09, 2019Keila Zayas-Ruiz
Maker Webinar Exploring Educational Technology Under 100 Dollars 0
(Closed Captioning Available)
June 11, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D
Building Online Courses for Staff and Patrons
(Closed Captioning Available)
May 30, 2019Brian Pichman
Artificial Intelligence Implications for Libraries
(Closed Captioning Available)
May 08, 2019Brian Pichman
Refresh Your Reference Interview Skills (In Person and Virtually)
(Closed Captioning Available)
April 12, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Refresh Your Reference Interview Skills (In Person and Virtually)
(Closed Captioning Available)
April 12, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Virtual Reality
(Closed Captioning Available)
February 1, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Google Scholar Like A Rockstar Part 2
(Closed Captioning Available)
January 15, 2019Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Basics (Closed Captioning Available)January 11, 2019Karen Snow, Ph.D.
Google Scholar Like a Rock Star: Part 1 (Closed Captioning Available)December 18, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
DigiRef: Protecting Your Personal Information (Closed Captioning Available)August 21, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Project Management for Digital Libraries (Closed Captioning Available)August 14, 2018 Krystal Thomas
Developing Selection Criteria and Workflows for Digital Collections (Closed Captioning Available)July 17, 2018Krystal Thomas
Introduction to DPLA and SSDN (Closed Captioning Available)June 19, 2018Keila Zayas-Ruiz
Copy Cataloging of Foreign Language Materials (Closed Captioning Available)May 30, 2018Maurine McCourry, Ph.D.
Collection Development: Managing the E in Electronic Collection Development (Closed Captioning Available)May 29, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Working with your IT Department (Closed Captioning Available)April 26, 2018Brian Pichman
Shortcuts for Tech Services Workflows (Closed Captioning Available)March 21, 2018Maurine McCourry, Ph.D.
How Libraries Help Students Find Data to Support Research (Closed Captioning Available)March 20, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Introduction to Digitization (Closed Captioning Available)March 02, 2018Krystal Thomas and Keila Zayas-Ruiz
DigiRef Academy: Statistics How do I measure X (Closed Captioning Available)February 27, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Serving Veterans (Closed Captioning Available)February 20, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 (Closed Captioning Available)February 14, 2018Diana Silveira
Library Specific Technology and some DIY Alternative (Closed Captioning Available)February 08, 2018Brian Pichman
DigiRef Academy: NEWS (Closed Captioning Available)January 23, 2018Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Librarians: Saving the World from Fake News (Closed Captioning Available)December 12, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Free Resources for Pictures and Graphics (Closed Captioning Available)November 30, 2017Diana Silveira
Homeschool Families and Your Library (Closed Captioning Available)November 15, 2017Kelsey Bates
E for EVERYONE: Ensuring Your e-Resources are Accessible to All, Part 1 (Closed Captioning Available)October 24, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Reference Service for Patrons with Disabilities (Closed Captioning Available)September 26, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Digital Library Collaborations and Partnerships
(Closed Captioning Available)
September 25, 2017Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: Politics and Government: Participating in YOUR Democracy (Closed Captioning Available)August 22, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Digitization, Digital Libraries, and You! Copyright and Digital Libraries (Closed Captioning Available)July 20, 2017Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: You CAN Get There From Here: Beginning Research in Hospitality (Closed Captioning Available)June 13, 2017Susan Smith, Ph.D.
Collection Development Basics (Closed Captioning Available)June 07, 2017Maurine McCourry, Ph.D.
Copy Cataloging for Music Materials (Closed Captioning Available)May 24, 2017Maurine McCourry, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Disability Resources Empowering ALL People with Information (Closed Captioning Available)May 23, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Developing Selection Criteria and Workflows for Digital Collections (Closed Captioning Available)April 27, 2017Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: Education: #2 Pencil Not Required (Closed Captioning Available)April 25, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Tools and Technologies for Building Digital Collections (Closed Captioning Available)April 18, 2017Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: Working with Children and Teens, Are You a Robot Ninja? (Closed Captioning Available)March 14, 2017Susan Smith, Ph.D.
Setting Priorities in Copy Cataloging (Closed Captioning Available)March 08, 2017Maurine McCourry, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Health and Medicine, Am I Dying? (Closed Captioning Available)February 07, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Religion, Its a Question of Faith (Closed Captioning Available)January 10, 2017Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
Setting Up a Digital Reference Program: How to Serve our Patrons Effectively (Closed Captioning Available)December 09, 2016Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Setting Up a Digital Reference Program Part One (Closed Captioning Available)November 15, 2016Stephanie Rollins, Ph.D.
OCLC & Library of Congress Faceted Vocabularies (Closed Captioning Available)October 21, 2016Karen Snow, Ph.D.
Digital Copyright Part TwoAugust 30, 2016Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: Resources for Job SearchingAugust 04, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
Digital Copyright Part OneJuly 21, 2016Katie McCormick
DigiRef Academy: Resources for GenealogyJuly 07, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Resources for the Natural SciencesJune 02, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Resources for American and World HistoryApril 07, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Resources for the Law and Legal StudiesMarch 10, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Resources for Business and Commerce11-February, 2016Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Ready ReferenceDecember 10, 2015Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy: Reference InterviewNovember 12, 2015Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
DigiRef Academy Inaugural WebinarOctober 15, 2015Naomi Gold, Ph.D.