My name is Dakota Marshall and I work at the Harlem Community Public Library in Clewiston, Florida. This library is part of the Hendry County Library Cooperative. The Afinia H800 3D printer was on loan to the Harlem Community Public Library from Friday, April 1, 2016 until Monday, April 18, 2016. During this time I mainly did programming, with the children that use the library, on how to design an object to be printed and show them how the printer works. For the programming I took the children that were in the library into our computer lab and used a program and website called Tinkercad. This program is used for 3D modeling. What I like about this program is even though you are building a design from scratch it’s not like you are drawing it, the program has geometric shapes, letters, numbers, and symbols that you import in just by dragging and dropping onto your platform. After placing the object you can then manipulate it however you would like. You can make it shorter, taller, wider, longer, change the height, change the position, or place the object on top of another object. Another feature that I like about this program is you can change your perspective to make sure objects are not floating in the air and that they are either on top of another object or on the platform. I had two main projects that the children worked on, a name tag and a brick man. For the name tag I did a more standardized project. I gave the student the option of doing their name tag as a box or a circle. After that the students just spelled out their name on top of the shape they wanted. For the brick man project the students were able to customize it more. I let them choose what size they wanted, what color they wanted, and if they wanted anything else on their brick man instead of just arms, body, legs, feet, and eyes.

Henry County Group Picture

3d printed keychain

3d printed stick figure by Henry County