Substitute Staff Members


Have you found yourself wanting to send a staff member to SWFLN training, yet you can’t spare a worker for a day? Or maybe, a staff member WANTS to come to SWFLN training, yet there’s too much on his/her desk that needs to be done?

Well, we’ve heard about your dilemma at SWFLN and we’re stepping up to help you have well-trained staff with no guilt of being out of the library or being short by a staff member!

SWFLN has worked out the kinks and WILL PAY FOR YOUR ON CALL . . . OR SUBSTITUTE STAFF MEMBER . . . . so you can send your staff to training!

All you need to do is call the SWFLN Office, let us know of your need, and get your On Call or Substitute approved. Once training has occurred and you invoice SWFLN for the On Call or Substitute Staff Member’s cost, SWFLN will issue a reimbursement to your library for that cost.


Call or email Brian Chase at the contact information below to learn more!!!!

SWFLN exists because you do. We’re here to help you fulfill YOUR Mission!