Please Share Widely!!!!!
Please excuse any multiple postings of this
SWFLN family and friends!
moment you’ve been anxiously awaiting has arrived!  The mechanics for
posting YOUR Member Services Coordinator position at SWFLN have been
completed!  The successful filling of this position will restore your
library cooperative to being fully staffed!  Truly a wonderful thing!
can see the posting at the link below:
this page at which you will arrive after clicking on the above link, please do
the following:
1.     Click on “Search Postings” at
the top, left, blue column;
2.    Click on the box that says,
3.    Scroll Down and click on
“Next Page > >”;
4.    Scroll Down and click on
“Next Page > >” a second time;
5.    Scroll Down to “Member
Services Coordinator, Req. #2379 – SWFLN”;
6.    Click on “View”.
note that the job closes on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 . . . so, if you know
of anyone that is interested in working in an ever-changing, challenging, and
exciting job . . . . and at a terrific workplace J  J . . . . . please share this
information quickly!!!  I will be happy to answer any questions from
anyone interested.

look forward to being able to add this important member of the SWFLN Staff very
soon and return to “fully staffed” status!