Statement of Benefit – Joy Miles

2023 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Name of Recipient: Joy Miles
Institution: Florida SouthWestern State College
Date(s) of Event / Conference / Session: June 22 – June 27, 2023

Please provide an overall, all-encompassing statement of what the event/conference/session was about.

This annual conference is a large gathering of libraries from public, academic, and the like. It’s an expansive place to network and gain a wealth of knowledge. 

Please complete the following statements:

Academic Librarians would have enjoyed this event/conference/session because…

It provides a holistic experience for anyone working in the library.

What I learned will apply to a Public Library because…

Many of the sessions are geared in assisting public libraries in furthering their missions.

School Librarians/Media Specialists could take what I learned and translate it to their environment by…

Media specialists in school libraries have the ability to grow their collections based on the plethora of children’s literature publishing companies present.

Special Librarians would benefit from this knowledge because…

They can gain knowledge specific to their specialty.