Sphero Kits

Spheros may look like toys, but they’re so much more! Pre-programmed to work together with the Sphero Edu app, Spheros help foster creativity and learn fundamental computer programming logic – without the hassle of having to learn a clunky coding language ahead of time.

We have two flavors to choose from: the Sphero SPRK+ Power Packs (2 sets of 12 Larger Spheros), and the Sphero Mini Education Pack (3 sets of 10 Smaller Spheros). As each individual Sphero requires a device using the Sphero Edu app to operate, we also offer iPad labs (in sets of 10) to accompany our Spheros.

If you require a specific App installed on our accompanying iPad Lab, or if you’re not sure if the App you need is already installed, please ask about it in the Special Requests section of the form below.



The Southwest Florida Library Network (SWFLN) desires to offer Institutional Members access to new and emerging technologies, providing accessibility to the latest technologies to all of our members. This policy establishes how, and under what circumstances, these items may be shared through the SWFLN Bits 'N Bytes to Borrow Circulating Library:


  • Only Institutional Members are eligible to borrow from the SWFLN Bits 'N Bytes to Borrow Circulating Library.
  • The items in SWFLN's Bits 'N Bytes to Borrow Circulating Library are to be used for instructional and informational purposes only.
  • SWFLN is not responsible for holding the items to be borrowed available beyond the agreed upon pick-up date and time. If the pick-up date and time are missed, the borrower's reservation will be cancelled. This can cause the reserved items listed below to become unavailable if there is a waiting list or a new request for the items.
  • The items are to be treated with care and respect.
  • If an item malfunctions, the item must be returned for repair. Do not try to fix the issue. Issues are to be reported immediately to the SWFLN office, (239) 313-6338.
  • The borrowing Institution accepts responsibility for any and all items borrowed, and will be responsible for replacing any and all items that may become damaged through misuse, lost, or stolen.
  • When borrowing items from SWFLN, the Institutional Member will sign a Borrowing Agreement. A copy of the Borrowing Agreement will be kept with the borrowed items until it is returned to the SWFLN office.
  • When picking up or returning items to SWFLN, allow for 15 to 30 minutes beyond your scheduled time for a brief inventory of the borrowed items, and for the required paperwork to be completed.

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