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Greetings, friends!
It sure is a busy time at SWFLN and time flies when you’re having fun!
This is an informational email as to the status of the Member Services Coordinator opening and the course of action for the future.
Due to the heightened activity at SWFLN at this time of year, further complicated by the four major holidays that are upon us, we have decided that the position will continue to accept applications through January 3, 2016.  This decision in no way, shape, or form is reflective of any application materials that have been received to date.  Quite simply and honestly, due to training activity plus Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year (Winter Break), we will not have the necessary time to dedicate to a fair and equitable procedure to ensure the best outcome for the organization.
Therefore, we have collectively made the decision to continue accepting applications through January 3, 2016.  At that time, the position will close; and the interview panel will have the opportunity to meet purposefully and with the intention to select the best candidates for interviewing for the position.
So . . . . . if you or a friend are interested, you can see the posting at the link below:
From this page at which you will arrive after clicking on the above link, please do the following:
1.     Click on “Search Postings” at the top, left, blue column;
2.    Click on the box that says, “SEARCH”;
3.    Scroll Down and click on “Next Page > >”;
4.    Scroll Down and click on “Next Page > >” a second time;
5.    Scroll Down to “Member Services Coordinator, Req. #2379 – SWFLN”;
6.    Click on “View”.
Please note that the job closes on Sunday, January 03, 2016.