Hello SWFLN World!!!!!!!

Well as some of you may already know, today is officially my (Jeffrey) last day at SWFLN!!!! Starting next week, I will begin my Graduate Program as a
Physician Assistant (PA) at Nova Southeastern University. It has been a
wonderful experience to work for SWFLN and its dedicated members. I was able to
take away some valuable assets, which I can apply in my career. You have made
my journey here at SWFLN memorable and I would like to sincerely say thank
you!!!! Most importantly I want to say thank you to the best Supervisor/Boss/Executive
Director Luly Castro. She plays a pivotal part in my success and where I have
made it thus far! Always providing me with valuable advice, life lessons, and
watching over my back! She has been like a second mom to me! Thank you Luly and
I love you!!! I will see you all soon!! GO SWFLN!!!!!